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Take your health journey to the next level with

Certified Health and Wellness Coach April Duval!

“I restored my health and will help you do the same!”

Food is medicine or poison and we get to make that choice each bite, each meal, each day!!

How many times have you set health goals only to fall back into habits that detour your success? In the 21 Day Deep Dive into Your Health, we will address the underlying factors that derail you from reaching your goals. We will examine your roadblocks and determine work arounds that will bring your health and wellness journey to the next level. Get ready to reach your goals!

Have you ever felt caught up in the hamster wheel of negativity? The 21 Day Deep Dive into Your Health will help you dig deeper into the conversations that you have with yourself. We will explore strategies that will help to stop the self-sabotage that halts your efforts. We explore the idea that health isn’t just about what we are eating. It is also about what we are saying and thinking. 

Are you ready to restore your health? Let’s do this!!!  

Coach April


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“The 21 Day Deep Dive into Your Health program allowed me to review what was and what wasn’t working for me in my quest to be more healthy.

I thought I was doing a good job meal planning and being mindful of what I ate, but the program showed me ways I could do better.  It helped me focus on some of the reasons I wasn’t being successful.

I am making a Daily Health To Do list which keeps me on track for the day.  It is a good way of reminding myself visually what I want to accomplish.

The weekly meal plan reminder prompts me to make sure I will have the food I need to make the recipes for that week.  There will be NO EXCUSES for not having healthy, thought-out meals and snacks.

The thing I liked the MOST about the 21 Day Deep Dive was the group sharing.  It was nice to know others are going through the same challenges.

I want to thank YOU April for your time and help on this journey.  This book is a very handy reference for me and will get MUCH use. “ 

“The 21 Day Deep Dive with Coach April was an eye opening experience for me personally. I was finally able to step out of my comfort zone and truly look at myself in a way that I have never had before.

I was complacent, struggling with a negative mindset and I knew something had to change. When I saw that Coach April was offering the 21 Day Deep Dive, I knew it was time to sign up!

From that moment on, I felt a shift happen within myself. I felt highly motivated. I looked forward to each days reflection. I was eager to change my thought process and move into a more positive direction.

Coach April’s approach/strategies helped me to focus on my daily goals/priorities not only with my eating habits but within my daily life as well.

Thank you Coach April for helping me to become a better version of myself… a more healthy and happier version!!”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the 21 Day Deep Dive. It turned out to be a great addition to the Wheat Belly program.  I needed more than just following a new way of eating.  It made me really think why I do things.

Changing my mind set was a big thing. I realized I do a lot of negative thinking. The question would you let your friend talk that way about themselves or would you say that or treat your friends or family that way? No I wouldn’t so why do we do it to ourselves?

Working on my negative thoughts and changing them to be positive has made a difference.  That’s just one thing. There are many more things you get out of the 21 day deep dive. It won’t happen over night and you have to want to dig deep and think about things.” 

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